Jeans and a nice top for sunny spring events

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Wondering what to wear when the brief is ‘jeans and a nice top’? We’ve got you covered

‘Jeans and a nice top’ is a phrase uttered in group chats all over the country. It’s the go-to style for an event that doesn’t have a dress code, where you want to look put together but still casual and comfy. It’s the ultimate day-to-night, the perfect brunch attire, and one you can wear multiple ways. Without further ado, here are some ways you can make it work.


Naturally, the first port of call is a good pair of jeans. Whether you’re a straight leg fan or forever loyal to your super skinnies, there is no one-style-fits-all when it comes to jeans and a nice top. But the shape you choose can influence the sort of top you wear – a flowy blouse and a skinny jean? Gorgeous. A fitted top over a wide leg jean? Spectacular!

Nice tops

The best part about this style is that really any top can be a ‘nice top’ it’s all about your personal taste. Dress a plain top up with a statement necklace, or even tuck a short dress into your jeans for a versatile way to work your wardrobe.

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