Irish Made Awards 2022

The Irish Made Awards are back – bigger and brighter for 2022

Activewear for outdoor workouts and road races

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Outdoor workouts call for even more supportive activewear, and these pieces will get you moving comfortably.

Ask the Expert: Spotlight Oral Care

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Ahead of Oral Health Month in June, Klara Heron sits down with Spotlight Oral Care co-founder and dentist, Dr Vanessa Creaven, to discuss common myths, taboos and best practice when it comes to teeth and gums

“I don’t let my bad lungs hold me back”

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Cystic fibrosis patient Eleanor McAree doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Here she shares how she stays motivated to tackle ultra marathons and climbing mountains

Aware launches free courses for adults to support their mental health

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The free courses offered by Aware are designed to empower those with mental health issues, as well as their support networks.

Energy-boosting supplements to kickstart your day

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Kickstart your day with these supplements that are designed to boost your energy even more than that morning coffee.