Readers reveal their lockdown hair care habits

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We teamed up with Dyson for the My Hair At Home survey, to ask YOU, our readers, about how your hair care habits have changed over the past year

In 2019, we started our mission to get to the root of the hair care habits of the women of Ireland with our first hair survey. Over the past 15 months we’ve spent large chunks of time at home, without access to our favourite salons and stylists. So, did we take it as an opportunity to take extra special care of our hair? Or did we try something new – chop it all off or have fun with dye? And lockdown aside, are we still fans of ‘long hair don’t care’, or have bobs become the go-to look? So many questions. Thankfully, when we asked, you delivered. Over 1,900 of you took the survey and shared your hair care habits, and these are the results.

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40% found frizz/flyaways a big issue

Look good, feel good

It seems, despite being out and about less this past year, our hair still effects our overall look and feel with 96% of those asked stating it is important to them. 63% said their hair was extremely important, while 33% stated hair is somewhat important to them.

26% of us believe stress has a big impact on our overall hair condition, while water quality/ hard water is an issue for a quarter of us.

Toolkit tell-all

When it comes to tools, most of us have a hair dryer at home (93%), while many use a straightener (73%), with a curling tool being the third-most popular (24%). 12% of us use a hair dryer every single day, while almost a third (27%) use a styler once or twice a week. Nearly one third of us spend between 11-20 minutes on drying/styling. And after all that effort, the majority get a few hours (30%) or a full day (30%) from their hair.

So, what are the top three complaints when it comes to our styling tools? Number one is an achy arm or wrist from using, second is the concern about fire safety/burning surfaces and skin, and in third place is the imprecise heat settings/uneven heat.

25% of us are bothered by a lack of volume in our hair

Irish Country Magazine X Dyson

What’s my type?

Of the 1,900 people asked, almost half are sporting a longer length below the shoulders (46%), with shoulder length being the second most popular (33%). Was that all down to the closed salons, perhaps? Well maybe, as 45% of us took the opportunity to let hair grow out, while only 17% of us were brave enough to go for an at-home haircut! As restrictions lower and we emerge from lockdown, it seems many of us will be asking our hair dressers for the chop with 63% saying they’d like to try a new cut and 48% opting for a new colour.

70% have coloured hair in the last year

Me and my hair, we got issues

When we asked you what the number one reason is for a hair tool or product working well for you, two thirds of you said it was the hair condition. However, 70% of those asked reported some sort of hair damage, with over half (53%) saying their hair is currently ‘a little damaged’.

So what is the biggest ‘issue’ for people at home? While frizz, flyaways, lack of volume and split ends all cause problems, the number one selected issue was: ‘I find it difficult to style my own hair’, which 42% of you selected. It’s not surprising then, when we asked, ‘What has the biggest impact on your overall hair condition?’, the most popular answer was heated stylers/drying appliances (37%).

60% of us desire shiny/sleek hair as our end style


Effortless styling at home

It turns out, even with a year like no other, how our hair looks – whether we leave the house or not – really matters to us. As a result of this, we spend a lot of time, energy and money on products and tools to achieve better results, but it looks as though we’re still not totally satisfied. That’s where the experts at Dyson come in. Dyson hair tools give you powerful, precise styling with less reliance on heat, to help reduce colour fade and protect your natural shine, every time you style.

Style secrets

It appears straight styles are still top of the charts, with 87% of us opting for a ‘straighter style’ or ‘completely straight’ look. The clever design behind the Dyson Corrale means it’s less reliant on heat. It’s the only straightener with flexing copper plates that shape to gather the hair, resulting in less reliance on heat and half the damage*. Styling with less heat also means less colour fade, reduced frizz and fewer flyaways, which are a concern for over 40% of us.

It’s not all about straight looks – although with the recent Friends reunion, we can see the ‘Rachel’ having a major comeback in summer 2021. Many of us, 38% to be specific, enjoy a loose curl. The Corrale’s curved outer body is engineered to support curl structure, helping you create perfect curls and boho waves. And for those of us worried about burning fingers and wrists, the tip of the Corrale is designed to remain cool to touch, so you can hold onto the ends for better styling.

See the Dyson Corrale in action below:

No strings attached

According to the survey, 42% of us find it difficult to style our hair at home, with the number one complaint being that we suffer from an achy wrist or arm during styling (28%). Thankfully, the experts at Dyson have thought of that too. The Corrale is also cordless, which means you can style with much more flexibility, anywhere in the house. It fully recharges in just 70 minutes, giving up to 30 minutes of cord-free styling. Ideal for popping into your suitcase for holidays. The best part is that it’s suitable for all hair types. Three precise heat settings (165°C, 185°C and 210°C) mean you can choose the best for your hair type, length and desired style.

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Results from 1,918 survey entrants on between 19 and 27 May, 2021.

*Thermal damage measured by hair strength, when creating an equivalent hair style. Tested on Corrale with flexing plates vs Corrale with solid plates.