The new Dyson Corrale hair straightener is here


Seven years and £25 million investment has gone into the new Dyson Corrale – a cord-free straightener that styles with half the damage

Dyson changed the hair game when they launched the Supersonic hair dryer in 2016, not only giving us a new shape and much lighter weight to what we’d known, but also new technology that delivered heat controlled styling for healthier hair. Now, its latest innovation is here – the Dyson Corrale. The hair straightener is primed to be a game changer, too, as it has lots of features we’ve never seen before. We got hands-on with the Corrale back in January and here’s what we learned.

It has flexible plates that wrap around the hair. Unlike traditional straighteners, the unique flexing plates of the Corrale mould to shape and gather the hair. As the plates adapt to the hair, they apply tension more evenly and stop strands splaying.

This gathering mechanism reduces heat damage by 50%. Because the hair is better contained and controlled as you drag the tool over it, there is less need to go over the same area twice or three times to get the desired result. This greater control allows styles to be created with less reliance on heat, reducing damage by 50%.

It’s cord-free but with a strong enough battery to deliver full impact. As we know Dyson are technology experts, so they weren’t going to deliver a cord-free hair product without making sure it’s up scratch. The cord-free feature means it’s really versatile, providing up to 30 minutes cord-free styling.

It’s really handy for travel. In fact, we see this being a big hit with those who have to travel a lot for work and want a high quality styler, thanks to a flight mode feature, which ensures the device meets air travel standards and can be packed in cabin luggage for travel. Plus, for short trips, you can charge it and use it cord-free and it has universal voltage which is a big pro in our eyes – we’ve all battled with humidity on holidays when our straighteners can do very little thanks to the voltage change.

It’s pricier than your average hair straightener, coming in at a cool €499. Having tried it ourselves, we found it to be quick to style and easy to use thanks to the cord-free feature. The less damage to hair claims make sense when you don’t have to go over the hair as much to get the desired look, and we did notice that our hair wasn’t scorching hot after using it. It looked really shiny and felt soft to touch. And, while it is a straightener, you can use it to create waves or other styles, too.

If you want to invest in your hair health, you rely on a hair straightener or you have to travel a lot, this could be for you. To learn more visit a Dyson Mall Demo in Dundrum, Swords Pavillion, Liffey Valley or Stephens Green, or see