Would you eat chocolate orange mayo?


This is the festive mash-up we never knew we wanted — Heinz [Seriously] Good Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mayo. Would you be willing to try this strange but delicious combo?

It is the season of indulgence, but is this a step too far? We don’t know who had the brainwave to combine Heinz Mayo with Terry’s Chocolate Orange, but apparently it’s the ultimate indulgent treat.


To make it, Heinz blended their mayo with melted Terry’s Chocolate Orange segments, Crème Patissière and an extra dose of Terry’s Chocolate Orange’s signature real orange oil. You can dollop the spread onto festive desserts or spread it onto brioche, scones, pancakes, or croissants. Or eat it out of the jar with a spoon in front of the telly, because it is Christmas.

It is limited edition, so there are 75 jars up for grabs from today (December 1) until December 13 only. To be in with a chance of getting your hands on one of these super limited-edition jars of Heinz [Seriously] Good Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mayo, head to Heinz’s social media channels for more information on how to enter the competition.