The latest Blasta Books cookbook is here

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Hot Fat by the GastroGays is the latest cookbook dished out by Blasta Books

Hot Fat is the debut cookbook by foodies Russell Alford and Patrick Hanlon, aka GastroGays. Inside, you’ll find recipes for everybody’s favourite fried foods. Think onion rings, prawn toast, chips, even the perfect potato crisps.

Plus, the team have ensured the book can be enjoyed guilt-free, avoiding language like “dirty”, “guilty” and “cheat meal”. The authors say “Hot Fat is ultimately about pure, unadulterated, edible joy.” Now doesn’t that sound delicious? Russell and Patrick are the food and travel writer duo behind GastroGays, as well as the voices in the Chew the Fat podcast.

Blasta Books are a range of A5, 72-page cookbooks that focus on Ireland’s modern and diverse culture of food. Dishes include spice bags and sushi, tacos and tapas, and of course, fried delicacies. Each standalone book features a cover illustration by Dublin artist Nicky Hooper. Tacos by Lily Ramirez-Foran is out now, Hot Fat is out now, and the last two books will hit shelves (and tables!) in August and November.