Taryn de Vere’s outfit challenge brightens the January blues

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Taryn de Vere is dressing like household objects and the result is a colourful wonder

Writer Taryn de Vere has taken her colourful wardrobe and turned it into a delightful outfit challenge. For the month of January, she intends on dressing up like something you’d find in her house. From a bag of Smarties to a carton of milk, her colourful looks are definitely putting smiles on faces.

Speaking to RTÉ, Taryn says she came up with the idea while planning on staying at home for much of the month. Her main rule is that she is not allowed to buy anything new. By using only colourful pieces in her own wardrobe, and coming up with new items each day, she has set herself an exciting challenge.

While followers of her Twitter have been eagerly awaiting the daily reveal, she has garnered support further afield too. From the UK’s BBC to German TV, viewers the world over are seeing her creations come to life.

On 31 January, people at home are encouraged to make their own attempt at dressing like a household object. Whether that’s a tin of Quality Street or the TV remote, take a leaf out of Taryn’s book and get creative. For a month so dreary in the midst of an often frightening Covid wave, the opportunity to play dress up is a welcome one!