Love sweet potato? Here’s a healthier take on pizza night


This Dublin pizza company has created a range of pizzas with a sweet potato base

The Sweet Potato Pizza Co launched in 2018 and is a range of frozen sweet potato pizzas.

They’ve recently added the margherita to the range, which includes:

  • Sundried tomato, spinach & red onion
  • Parma ham, mushroom & rocket
  • Chorizo, feta cheese & spinach

The new margherita pizza is the lowest calorie pizza in the range, at just 670 cals for the whole pizza. The dough is made with sweet potato which releases energy slowly so you will feel fuller for longer. It also goes towards your one of your five a day.

At Super Valu, from 13 January until 7 February, you can get two topped pizzas for €10 and two margheritas for €8. The RRP is €5.

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