#LiveBetter: 5 ways to improve your wardrobe without buying new

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Save the planet and look good doing it by shopping and swapping your wardrobecam-morin-knKm7u_7Ihw-unsplash.jpg

According to Oxfam, 11 million items of clothing every week end up in landfills. With the environment at the forefront of public conversation, more people are becoming aware of the harmful aspects of fast fashion and the importance of caring for your clothes. The conversation on fashion is changing, and shoppers are seeking to be thoughtful in their consumption. The charity is prompting people to participate in #SecondhandSeptember and say no to new clothes for thirty days.

Keeping this in mind, we encourage you to get crafty with your clothing! As well as purchasing from ethical brands, you can help the planet by thinking creatively and taking care of your cherished pieces.

  1. Mend and repair: For most, their first instinct upon finding a hole in a piece of clothing is to throw it away. Instead, dust off your sewing kit and try and refresh those skills you learned in Home Economics by stitching up small signs of wear and tear.
  2. Think outside the box: When browsing second-hand, do not be deterred if a beautiful dress is a few sizes too big. Most clothes can be taken in to make them the perfect fit, and there is likely a tailor near you that can help. Excess material can be used to make something new, to reduce waste and get the most value for money – think a kitsch cushion or a quirky headband. Check out Rag Order Dublin on Instagram for some upcycling inspiration. Which leads us onto our next tip..
  3. Upskill! If you’re feeling like starting a new hobby, why not enroll in an evening upcycling course to help you make your own creations? Sew Easy offers a range of courses in Dublin, from beginner to advanced, as well as Sew Last Season in Galway. If you’re not located near a city, most Further Education colleges provide dressmaking courses nationwide.
  4. Sharing is caring: In this era of constant scrolling and instant purchasing, it feels as if we have forgotten the beauty of hand-me-downs. If you need a dress for a wedding, ask a friend to borrow one of theirs that you have always admired. Similarly, offer up your wardrobe when your friends are in need of new outfits; helping to save some cash and the planet.
  5. Swap and sell: If your friends wardrobes aren’t your cup of tea, attend a local swap shop. They are booming in popularity as shoppers can find fresh pieces while giving their pre-loved items to a new home. Sustainable Fashion Dublin organise swap shops in the capital, while Swap Shop Corcaigh ran a number of successful ones this summer. Their fashionista following ensures that you will find some new pieces you will love, and probably make a few new friends, too!