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Considering entering the Irish Made Awards 2021? Here are some guidelines to keep in mind

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We want to help you to ensure that your pitch for the Irish Made Awards 2021 is the best it can be. Hopefully, the points below will answer any questions you may have and steer you in the right direction. Read more about this year’s awards at

Irish Made Awards FAQ

You can enter a product/collection specifically that is made in Ireland, but please specify this in your pitch, eg “We are entering our solid shampoo range which is made in Ireland (but not our conditioners as they are made elsewhere)”.

We understand that businesses may make some products in their range here in Ireland while the rest are manufactured elsewhere. It is possible to enter specific products/collections from your business that are made here in Ireland, as long as you make that clear in your application. For example, previous finalists Jill & Gill entered a limited edition denim jacket made in Ireland, and beauty brand Skingredients entered their cleanser as it is the one product in the collection made here in Ireland.

Please specify which category you are entering in your pitch. You can enter more than one category, but please provide two separate entries in this case. (If you have one main product/collection, and also make products that could apply to another category but on a smaller scale, we do advise you enter one pitch as your main entry, and include details of any other lines within that pitch to strengthen your entry.)

We understand some products/collections might quality for more than one category. Our team looks at every entry ahead of judging and will ensure your entry is in the correct place. However, some specific examples are below, which are frequently asked about:

  • Home includes any accessories that you would buy to decorate your home such as prints, lamps, cushions, glassware, small furnishings such as kitchen/bedroom/living room/garden accessories, etc. It also includes interior décor products such as paints, wallpaper etc.
  • Gift includes craft and luxury items that would be given as gifts such as candles, diffusers, wedding gifts, greeting cards, personalised items, novelty items, etc.
  • Face masks can be entered in Accessories (if standalone range, if complementary range as part of a Fashion or Textile brand, see the first point on categories above)

If you suggest more than one category in your entry, it will be at the discretion of team Irish Country Magazine to place you in a category. If you enter the wrong category (it happens!), don’t worry – we will ensure it ends up in the right place.

There are lots of wonderful Irish-made products that don’t fit in these 10 categories, which have been chosen specifically to reflect the content in Irish Country Magazine. If your product doesn’t fit into these categories, these may not be the awards for you but we wish you all the best!

Entry is open to businesses all over the island of Ireland (including Northern Ireland — Irish Country Magazine is on sale there too).

Submitting photographs: All entries must have two photographs. Photos must be:

  • 1MB or bigger
  • High resolution
  • Attached as jpeg to email (not copied into body of email)
  • If you send photos via a link, please us Dropbox/Drive/other site that allows files to remain accessible, as WeTransfer files tend to expire after one week.

What to include in your pitch: Judges will be looking at areas such as the entry pitch, image quality, branding, digital, quality of product, place in market, creativity.

If your query was not answered above, send us an email with the subject ‘Query‘ to

Best of luck!