Home cook? The air you breathe at home may be more polluted than you know

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In partnership with Dyson.

Photo by Kevin McCutcheon on Unsplash

Indoor air can be up to five times worse than outdoor air*, and cooking at home may contribute to the problem

Team Irish Country Magazine love all things food, and cooking at home is something we really enjoy. From finding new recipes to spice up midweek meals, to entertaining friends and family at the weekends, we love creating meals at home that are full of flavour.

Unfortunately, sometimes full of flavour can also mean odours building up in our kitchens. In fact, indoor air quality can be up to five times worse than outdoor air quality*, and because our houses tend to be more sealed these days, pollutants and allergens can’t always escape. But they can be captured.

So, what’s the solution?

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool™ purifier is an amazing tool that can heat a room in winter, or provide you with a cooling jet of air in summertime, while also purifying the air all-year round. Home cooks will love it because it actually removes up to 97% of cooking odours**.

The machine automatically detects airborne particles and gases and simultaneously reports to the new LCD screen and Dyson Link app in real time, helping to provide comfort at home.  

How does it work?

The Dyson purifier doesn’t just blow polluted air around, but rather it captures it, purifies it and releases it back out. For this innovative model, Dyson engineers used activated carbon, which can absorb gases, domestic fumes and VOCs. The filter captures 99.95% of pollutants as small as 0.1 microns***, including allergens, bacteria, pollen and mould spores.

The best thing about the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is that it’s perfect for year-round use – especially here in Ireland. With thermostat heat control, the machine automatically keeps your room at the target temperature in winter, and provides you with a jet of cooling, purified air in summertime.

The Dyson Link app is available on iOS and Android, and enables you to track indoor and outdoor air quality, temperature and humidity levels. You can also use it to control your machine and see how many hours of filter life you have left. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool™ (€599.99).

Visit dyson.ie to see the whole range of air purifiers and find out more about how the clever technology can help you tackle air pollution at home. Try out the technology for yourself in Dyson stores nationwide: Stephens Green Shopping Centre, Dundrum Town Centre, Mahon Point Shopping Centre and Liffey Valley Shopping Centre.

*Hulin et al, Respiratory Health and Indoor air pollutants based on quantitative exposure assessments, European Respiratory Journal, October 2012.

** Tested to EN13725 .

*** Tested to EN1822.

In partnership with Dyson.