Hair hacks for your return to the office

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Check out these hair hacks to make your mornings easier

Image by Valdislac Muslakov via Unsplash

Save yourself time and money with some hair hacks. This week marks the beginning of a phased return to office work for companies across Ireland. We’ve spent the past 18 months with business tops and leisure bottoms and keeping cameras off for the bad hair days. But outside of the confines of Zoom squares, it’s time again for the world to see that mane of yours. Take a look at some hair hacks to have your bouffant boardroom-ready.


When it comes to hair washing schedules, there have always been debates over what frequency is good or bad for your tresses. Some experts say washing daily can strip your scalp of the oil and nutrients that it needs. But if you suffer from a build-up of oil, washing daily may be the only way to avoid greasy roots. It all depends on your hair type. If you have fine hair, an oily scalp, or you tend to sweat a lot, daily washes are a-ok. If it’s straight and slightly thicker, it’s recommended you wash every other day, or every two to three days. And if you have coily or textured hair, you can extend washes to seven to ten days.

Image by Suad Kamardeen via Unsplash

Style it out

When it comes to hair, styling can take a chunk out of your morning. That might be a chunk better dedicated to a walk, an extra ten minutes in bed, or a proper breakfast. Instead, opt for a quick style that won’t leave your arms aching. Turn your messy bun into a sleek look by taming flyaways. You can spray an old, clean mascara brush with hairspray for keeping the loose hairs in check. Aloe vera or beeswax works a treat for edges on natural hair too.


If your hair isn’t cooperating, or your alarm didn’t go off in time for you to style, there’s always a way to pretend it never happened. Distract with an attention-grabbing hairband, like Emma Larkin’s upcycled bands. Or turn your summer scarf into a bandana and keep it whimsical with a few pieces at the front pulled out.

Floral headband by Emma Larkin

Most importantly, remember that we have all experienced a massive interruption to normal scheduling. As a result, the return to the workplace can be anxiety-inducing for many. Go easy on yourself and your hair, it might not have seen a straightener for quite some time – and that’s ok! Plus, if you do find yourself with messy hair, strut into the office and call it a 2020 trend.