Tasty brunch recipes: Breakfast burrito & black pudding frittata


Try these brunch dishes that are easy, quick and packed full of flavour.

Brunch, that wonderful meal that allows us to eat breakfast meats and fancy eggs in the middle of the day. We don’t know about you but we love all things brunch and are always on the lookout for tasty new dishes to serve up on a lazy Sunday. The lovely people behind Jack & Eddie’s sent us two recipes, using their delicious breakfast products which are made in Westport, Co Mayo. These are perfect for feeding the whole family, great crowd-pleasers that are packed full of flavour.

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Breakfast Burritos

Loaded with sausage, eggs, red peppers, and rice and drizzled in a sriracha mayo dressing, these burritos are the perfect weekend breakfast or brunch, or great as a lunchtime snack and even better in a picnic with some lovely chutney. Serves 4.


  • 4 Jack & Eddie’s Finest Pork Sausages (chopped)
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 4 large (burrito-sized) tortillas or wraps
  • 4 large eggs
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • ¼ bunch of Italian flat-leaf parsley
  • 1 bunch green onions
  • 1 large avocado
  • 1 and ¼ cups cooked white rice
  • ½ cup full-fat regular mayo
  • 2-3 tablespoons Sriracha


  1. In a large frying pan over medium-high heat, cook the sausage until just browned through.
  2. Add in the diced red bell pepper and saute for another few minutes until the peppers is crisp tender. Remove from the pan and divide this mixture evenly among the four tortillas.
  3. In the same pan (drain any grease), add in the eggs, milk, and salt and pepper to taste. Scramble the eggs to desired done-ness and again divide the eggs evenly amongst the four tortillas.
  4. Coarsely chop up the parsley and dice the green onions. Add an even amount to each tortilla.
  5. Thinly slice the avocado and add one quarter of it to each tortilla.
  6. Divide the cooked white rice evenly among the tortillas.
  7. In a small bowl, whisk together the mayo and Sriracha with a dash of salt and pepper. Pour this mixture on top of each burrito (to taste) and tightly roll up the burritos. Enjoy immediately.

Black Pudding and Potato Frittata recipe

This recipe is nice and quick and makes a nice dinner dish, served with crusty bread and your favourite green salad. Serves 2.


  • 4 large free-range eggs
  • ½ a Jack & Eddie’s Black pudding crumpled into pieces
  • 2 leftover cooked potatoes cubed
  • Olive oil
  • Parsley
  • Salt and pepper


  1. Beat the eggs and add some salt and pepper (and a little milk is optional).
  2. Fry the black pudding and potato in a tablespoon of olive oil in a medium sized frying pan. Add the eggs to the pan. Add the chopped parsley.
  3. Cook on a low heat and once the egg starts to become firm turn in the pan until its’s cooked to a firm consistency.