Behind the scenes with Roz Purcell


Roz Purcell’s natural beauty shines through in our April cover shoot. Take a look at the making of our makeup-free cover below. 

There were actual squeals of excitement when the April issue arrived into the Irish Country Mag office. Roz Purcell agreed to go makeup free for this cover shoot and looks absolutely stunning.

A brilliant team made this exciting concept come true: photographer Aaron Hurley, stylist Courtney Smith assisted by Laura McKenna, hair by Darren Lacken, skincare by Christine Lucignano and nails by Pamela Laird.

Inside she wears flattering pieces like this stunning H&M Conscious Collection jacket. 

Klara Heron sat down with Roz after the shoot for a chat that covered everything from embracing your flaws to being real online. “When you asked me to do a makeup-free shoot I was like, ‘yes, amazing’. I honestly hate wearing loads of makeup, the amount of times I’ve gone to shoots where someone’s done my makeup and I just don’t feel like me,” Roz says. “I definitely think I’ve become more confident not wearing makeup but that took a long time.” 

It’s refreshing to learn that even someone as radiant and healthy as Roz has had to overcome confidence issues. She is doing brilliant work on her Instagram, encouraging her following to love themselves and all their ‘flaws’. Roz seems in a much happier place as a result, and she is fast becoming one of the most inspiring voices in the conversation on body confidence.

Her recently released podcast doesn’t shy away from tackling diet culture. She delves deep into topics like negative internal dialogues and restrictive diets in each thought-provoking episode. As well as sharing her own experience, she has also featured experts such as psychologist Gerry Hussey and The Food Medic Hazel Wallace. 

Listen to Roz Purcell’s empowering new podcast, Bite Back, here.

Take a look at our shoot with Roz Purcell here: