7 books to help you stop killing your plants

Guilty of killing plants? If the closest you’ve had to a gardening success is a hardy cactus on your window sill, it’s time to build up on your knowledge and get a bit braver. 


Here are some amazing books for getting you started on your journey to creating a green haven in your home. If you’ve synthetic plants in your home, you should read this too. It’s time to get real! If you’re tired of killing plants, and envious of all the green homes you’re seeing all over Instagram, these reads will get you started. 

1. Decorating With Plants

Baylor Chapman

Published by Artisan

As houseplants grow more and more popular, Baylor Chapman provides a comprehensive guide to introducing a variety of plants into your home, from selection, to care, to styling. 


2. Dream Gardens

Leonie Cornelius

Published by Mercier Press

This book is focused more on your garden, and how to design a space you will adore spending time in. Leonie is a well-known face in the world of gardening, from appearances on RTÉ’s Supergarden as well as being on of Bloom in the Park’s leading show garden designers. 


3. Field Guide to Urban Gardening

Kevin Espiritu

Published by Cool Springs Press

This book is ideal for newbie gardeners and those who don’t think they can grow their own food in their compact outdoor space. Kevin troubleshoots the main problems you will encounter and provides guides to upcycled DIY projects. 


4. Leaf Supply: A Guide To Keeping Happy House Plants

Lauren Miller and Sophia Kaplan

Published by Smith Street Books

This book is beautifully laid out and explains how to look after 100 houseplants you will easily be able to pick up in a shop, including tropical plants, hanging plants and succulents. 

5. Plant Style: How to Greenify Your Space

Alana Langan and Jaqui Vidal

Published by Thames and Hudson

Create a sanctuary in whatever style home you have with these handy tips to decorating with plants and botanical styling, in case you didn’t know that was a thing. 

6. Allotment Month by Month

Alan Buckingham

Published by Dorling Kindersley

This bestselling guide explains how to make the most of your allotment with seasonal advice, essential to-do lists and over 60 fruit and vegetable crop planners. It demystifies tasks like crop rotation and making your own compost bin and other key steps to a successful allotment. 


7. The New Plant Parent

Darryl Cheng

Published by Abrams Image

This book explains how to understand a plant’s needs and how to give it a home with the right balance of light, water and nutrients. It will make a plant lover out of anyone, covering the basic steps to caring for houseplants everyday, with tips on containers and recommended species. 


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