5 rental fashion options for a greener glam

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Give rental fashion a shot to save money and the planet

Image by Amanda via Canas

Is rental fashion the solution to the problems caused by fast fashion? In recent years, we’ve all become more conscious of the effect our consumption of fashion has on the environment. In one journal report by Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, researchers raised concerns about water use, chemical runoff, microplastics, and emissions. Buying firsthand clothing regularly can mean more ends up in landfills, too.

Initiatives like Secondhand September are helping to make a change, and they’re not alone! For formal events, we tend to buy dresses or clothes that get one or two wears, before being cast to the back of the wardrobe. With the rise of rental fashion, now we can pick out beautiful, often expensive pieces, at a fraction of the price! Wear them once, take in the compliments, and return.

How does it work?

For the majority of rental fashion companies, the idea is simple. Choose an item, check availability for your event date, wear, return and repeat! Most of the time they will organise dry cleaning, meaning all you have to do is look fabulous. Check the individual FAQs for any concerns.

Take a look at five brands that offer a range of dresses, from casual holiday wear to wedding guest realness.

Rag Revolution


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Designer Room


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Borrower Boutique


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Girl Meets Dress

High-End Hire


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More to come

As brilliant as these brands are, and as stunning as their collections may be, there is work to be done yet. For women over a UK size 14, the options are extremely limited. And for shoppers in rural areas, it may be harder to access the try-on services and delivery. While rental fashion is absolutely a step in the right direction, it still has some ground to cover.