4 reasons to support Secondhand September

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Irish charities are asking shoppers to quit fast fashion and help the environment by buying preloved fashion this month

If you haven’t embraced secondhand fashion just yet, be inspired by the #SecondhandSeptember campaign. Preloved fashion website Thriftify.ie and charities like Oxfam are encouraging shoppers to choose vintage and charity shop finds for the month of September, which will not only raise funds for the charities involved but also is less impactful on the environment than buying new.  Here are some of the reasons you should get involved this September:

  1. Find unique pieces

TV star and makeup artist James Mac helped launch Thriftify’s #SecondhandSeptember campaign, as he often relies on preloved fashion sites to source his costumes. 

“I perform in drag and I am constantly on the lookout for standout pieces that you can only find in secondhand shops and on vintage websites like Thriftify.ie. Upcycling fashion is great fun too and you can support local charities by shopping on Thriftify. I hope #SecondhandSeptember will show people you can find some great preloved fashion without adding to the landfill problem.”  

2. Prevent clothes going to landfill

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global pollution. According to Oxfam, the global production of textiles has exploded while the price of clothing has plummeted. As clothes can take up to 200 years to decompose, it’s imperative that we stop clothing ending up in landfills or being incinerated. Not only is it harmful to the planet, it has a devastating effect on the world’s poorest who are most impacted by the effects of climate change through droughts, floods and extreme weather events. Oxfam also reports that Irish charity shops collectively divert around 23,000 tonnes of clothing from landfill every year.

3. Rework and rewear old styles

Not only will keeping clothes in circulation help prevent them ending up in landfill, it’s also an important mindset shift. Many people are so affected by the fast fashion industry, that there is this belief that they need to consistently wear new outfits. By buying and upcycling preloved clothes, and shopping your own wardrobe, you are doing your part in tackling the fast fashion cycle. Normalising rewearing and recycling clothes helps eliminate the pressure to spend, to keep up with trends and ensures we wear the clothes that already exist, reducing the relentless demand for fast fashion.


4. Win a weekend away with Thriftify!

Thriftify are offering followers the chance to win a staycation at the Redcastle Hotel in Donegal. All you have to do is tag your #SecondhandSeptember Thriftify finds on Instagram to be in with a chance to win. 



Main image: Rachel Claire from Pexels