8 uses for leftover coffee grounds

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You can make great use out of old coffee grounds when cleaning, in the garden and more

Now that you are probably making more coffee at home, you will have a lot of used coffee grounds on your hands. We’re creating more rubbish during this time spent at home, and there really is no need for coffee to be going to landfill. It has so many uses in the home, you’ll be sorry you ever cast it away without a second thought.

1. Eliminate odours

Allow the grounds to dry out (spread out on a tray and allow to dry), and use them to absorb any unpleasant smells in your fridge. Place the grounds in a jar, uncovered, in the back of the fridge to naturally neutralise odours. It’s as simple as that. You can also keep a jar of used grounds under your sink, and after chopping foods like onions and garlic, use a pinch of coffee grounds with soap when your washing your hands to ensure the odour is gone.

2. Stubborn scrub

Coffee grounds are naturally abrasive enough to use to tackle stuck-on food after cooking. Mix with your washing up liquid when scrubbing pots and pans to help lift burnt food.

3. Exfoliate

Coffee grounds have a sand-like texture so they are ideal for making a DIY foot scrub. Mix with some oil and add some essential oil if you like for an effective mix that will soften skin.

4. Repel garden pests

Sprinkle the coffee grounds around the periphery of your garden to repel snails and slugs from attacking your plants. Also a good one to use if you have noticed tell-tale silver trails along your decking.

5. Grow blue hydrangeas

The colour of your hydrangeas depends on the soil in your area. The coffee grounds will help the plants absorb aluminum, which will give them a vibrant blue hue.

6. Nourish your plants

Coffee can be used to make a fertiliser for your plants. Mix with brown leaves or dead grass clippings and spread it on your plants. It works best for acid-loving plants like the aforementioned hydrangeas, azaleas and roses.

7. Boost your compost

Coffee grounds will be a great helper to your compost heap. Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, so they are a perfect green matter for your compost bin. You can even compost the coffee filter too.

8. As a marinade

This is a surprising one, but the flavour of coffee actually works well with meat. Mix with vinegar, Worchester sauce and garlic for a marinade that will add complexitiy to your steak.

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