Women’s Aid and Allianz Insurance partner to combat domestic violence

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The three-year partnership worth €1 million will mean more support for Women’s Aid to assist victims of domestic violence

Photo via Allianz

Domestic violence is something Irish people have been silently combatting for years. Allianz Insurance have pledged to assist those in need, through a partnership with Women’s Aid. The aim is to provide both financial and non-financial support. Women’s Aid will facilitate training internally for senior staff to recognise the symptoms of abuse and provide support.

The project was born from a commitment by Allianz to focus on social impact and inequality. The topic of domestic abuse was chosen as having a right fit with the company as protection is at the core of insurance.

Today, they launched the World’s Strongest Woman. The campaign aims to highlight the resilience, strength and courage of women who are living through domestic abuse.

The new World’s Strongest Women campaign will include a series of adverts running across television, digital and radio from 29 November, and will include information about supports available. For more information visit allianz.ie/womensaid.

In the December issue of Irish Country Magazine, Janine Kennedy explored ‘The Other Pandemic’ – that of domestic violence in Ireland.  For those facing domestic abuse or domestic violence, having access to help and support that is properly funded and widely available is a necessity. For many people, the stigma surrounding domestic violence can stop victims from seeking help.

As an example, in Netflix’s recent series, Maid, the main character found herself seeking refuge from an abusive partner. But as he wasn’t physically violent, she didn’t see herself as a victim. And this is not just fiction. Domestic abuse can be mental, physical, sexual and financial. Ensuring the many faces of abuse are talked about means more will seek the help they need.

The Women’s Aid 24hr National Freephone Helpline is 1800 341 900. Information on Women’s Aid additional services are available at: womensaid.ie .