Women rule on screen this February


Here are the fun, dramatic and unmissable watches coming to cinemas and Netflix this month, with powerhouse women leading the cast

If you’ve had enough Oscars and election content hogging your feed, here are some new releases to delve into this month.


Birds of Prey

Early reviews are heralding this action comedy as an absolute blast. Margot Robbie relishes another chance to portray the bonkers and brilliant Harley Quinn. Fresh from a breakup with The Joker, Harley finds herself leading a reluctant team of bad ass women as they try to protect a young girl from a crime lord. With lots of glitter, fun and adrenaline, this movie blends raw action with party highs. Out 7 February


A fresh adaptation of Jane Austen’s romantic comedy Emma is coming to screens on 21 February. The last big screen iteration of Emma resulted Gwyneth Paltrow’s iconic take on the role, this time Anya Taylor-Joy takes on the role. Emma is a snob and busybody, vain and self-assured as she meddles in the romantic lives of those around her, remaining willfully resistant to her own potential match. 

Mr Jones

Inspired by the true story of an ambitious young Welsh journalist Gareth Jones, played by James Norton, who travels to the Soviet Union in 1933, to uncover the horror of Stalin’s imposed famine in the Ukraine. This thriller, out on 7 February, co-stars The Crown star Vanessa Kirby, playing a writer who warns Jones that his fears are likely to be the devastating truth.

The Invisible Man

Elisabeth Moss plays a woman who is relieved but surprised when her violent partner commits suicide. She suspects this is one of his sinister mindgames, and refuses to believe he is dead. She struggles to convince those around her that he has found a way to still torment her, and inexplicable violence starts to unfold anywhere she goes. Out on 28 February


To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You

As Lara Jean and Peter take their relationship from pretend to officially official, another recipient of one of her old letters writes back. As this past love re-enters her life, she struggles with the idea of what might have been. Out on 12 February

Miss Americana

This emotional behind the scenes look at what it takes to be Taylor Swift dropped at the end of January.

Next in Fashion

Alexa Chung presents alongside Tan France in this fashion show looking for the next new hot designer. Rather than dealing with unknowns and amaeteurs, each of the 18 contestants have considerable experience, having worked as ghost designers for celebrity labels or for established names. The competition is tense, with a prize of $250,000 investment in the designer’s brand, along with the chance to be sold through Net-a-Porter.

Horse Girl

Co-written by and starring Alison Brie, Horse Girl follows a socially awkward woman with a fondness for crafts, horses and supernatural crime shows. Why is she so obsessed with the horse she used to own, and what is making her sleepwalking so extreme? She starts to feel a connection with her grandmother, a woman who had a breakdown. Out 7 February


If you’re rooting for Saoirse Ronan and Greta Gerwig this awards season, relish the chance to watch enjoy their masterpiece Ladybird again. Available now on Netflix.