What to watch this weekend


With The Queen’s Gambit, Deirdre O’Kane’s new show and the return of Baby Yoda, there’s lots to get stuck into

This far into Level 5 restrictions, our usual go-to TV shows just won’t cut it anymore. Here are some new TV shows to stream over the weekend, plus some compelling films that are not to be missed.

Deirdre O’Kane Talks Funny

Deirdre’s first guest for her new talk show is fellow comedian Pat Shortt, and together they will reminisce over their career highlights. 9.10pm Saturday on RTÉ One

The Queen’s Gambit

Anya Taylor-Joy plays Beth Harmon, an orphan who becomes one of the best chess players in the world in spite of the many obstacles in her way. With family drama and her own addiction struggles, she persists and makes her way to the top of a game dominated by men. Based on the novel of the same name, the show is receiving lots of hype as the one to binge during this lockdown. Available to stream on Netflix


This mind-bending horror is set in an elite music school. Student pianist Juliet lives in the shadow of her more talented twin sister Vivian. The end-of-year recital is approaching, and she hatches a plan to outshine her sibling. She believes a notebook that is recovered from the possesions of a classmate who died in tragic circumstances will give her an edge. But unusual drawings and demonic writings in the book start to seep into her mind, and seemingly start to influence her talents. This film is reminiscent of Black Swan, and lead Sydney Sweeney, who previously starred in The Handmaid’s Tale and Sharp Objects, deftly captures her seething jealousy of her sister with subtle looks and gestures. Available to stream on Amazon Prime


The 2019 Oscar winner is a dark modern fairytale. The Park family are aspirationally wealthy, meanwhile the Kim family are rich in street smarts but not much else. The latter sees an opportunity to insert themselves into the lives of the Parks, as a tutor and art therapist. The Kims provide “indispensable” luxuries, while the Parks, oblivious, bankroll their entire household. But a parasitic character threatens the Kim family’s newfound comfort, and a battle for dominance breaks out. Now available to watch on Amazon Prime

The Mandalorian Season 2

The Mandalorian and The Child (Baby Yoda!) continue their journey to find the mysterious Jedi, facing allies and gathering support along the way. Now available on Disney+