What is skin minimalism?


With natural skin predicted to be one of the biggest beauty trends in 2021, it’s time to park contouring and full coverage for now

The refreshing skincare trend for 2021 is a focus on enhancing and showing off skin’s natural texture. So waving goodbye to complex skincare routines and retire your many, many makeup brushes. After a year where makeup bags lay idle as we all stayed home, creating a dramatic makeup look definitely doesn’t feel appropriate. But using just enough skincare and makeup to boost your natural beauty is the mood-enhancing power we can all relish right now.

And so for industry insiders, influencers and on the SS21 catwalk, the focus for beauty this year is on creating luminosity and showcasing rather than concealing skin’s natural texture. Skin minimalism, or ‘skinimalism’, is about utilising products that benefit the skin, allow natural features like freckles and skintone to shine through, and not feeling the need to hide every imperfection. At Jason Wu, makeup artists even used lipstick to create freckles on models.

More and more skincare-beauty hybrid products will hit the market this year, which is a dream for those who want to simplify their beauty routine. While no one is suggesting you quit that essential double cleanse or serum, but the industry is recognising that consumers want multipurpose makeup with skincare benefits.

Here are some skin-nourishing bases to layer under your usual base or wear on their own for a subtle glow:

Look out for primers that promise not to smoothe over pores but to target redness and shadow, such as Charlotte Tilbury’s Brightening Youth Glow.

Alternatively achieve a more natural luminosity with a skin enhancing base such as Bobbi Brown’s vitamin packed base.

MUAs have long been using glowy primers and strobe creams under foundation for luminosity, such as Aimee Connolly’s Beauty Base.

For those who prefer to go makeup-free, BareMineral’s Complexion Rescue is a moisturiser not only targest blue light damage, but also includes natural pearl for a lit from within glow.

With a subtle tint for when you need a hint of colour, this Clinique moisturiser is packed with hydrating ingredients and antioxidants to protect from environmental pollutants that can cause a dull complexion.