TV series to watch in December


Here are the intriguing shows that will provide some much-needed escapism this December

Distract yourself from the temptation to shop online and set a reminder for these gripping shows in the weeks ahead.

Trial 4

Netflix | Out now

True crime fans won’t want to miss this gripping story of a man determined to clear his name for over 20 years. Charged as a teen in the 1993 killing of a Boston cop, Sean K. Ellis fights to prove his innocence while exposing police corruption and systemic racism.

The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives

Netflix | Out now

Four fun-loving women of the Bollywood elite share an insight into their fun, extravagant and dramatic lives.

Raised by Wolves

All episodes available on 5 December on Now TV | Watch on Sky Atlantic

Irish actor Niamh Algar is among the cast in Ridley Scott’s new dystopian drama. A 10 episode series, Raised by Wolves is set on the only other planet that can support human life. Two androids are raising human children there, after a war about religion destroyed the earth. The androids try to raise the children as atheists, but rebel forces are coming to take back the children. The ‘mother’ android believes she is keeping her children safe, but is she the biggest danger to them all?

Spot Niamh in the HBO version of the trailer here:

The Wilds

Amazon Prime | 4 December

A plane crash leaves a group of teenage girls stranded on a desert island. And while they deal with the trauma of the crash and wait to be found, their thoughts of home, the pressures and the passions waiting for them, consume their thoughts. They bond and clash as they struggle to survive, completely unaware that they didn’t end up on the island by accident. This high school drama-meets-thriller feels like a clever spin on Lost, with a less predictable plot twist too. This is Amazon’s first young adult series, and the official synopsis describes it as “Part survival drama, part dystopic slumber party”.

The Surgeon’s Cut

Netflix | 9 December

In this inspiring docuseries, four surgeons reflect on their lives and professions, pioneering in their fields.

The Ripper

Netflix | 16 December

This docu-series looks at the famous modern day Jack the Ripper who was active in the UK in the 1970s.


Netflix | 25 December

From Shondaland, this period drama is based on historical romance novels by Julia Quinn. Julie Andrews voices a Regency-era Gossip Girl-style narrator, revealing the dirty laundry of everyone on the social scene. With breathtaking party sequences and lots of drama, this is set to be yet another Shonda hit. Plus, Derry Girls actor Nicola Coughlan is part of the cast.