This is why you need to stretch every day

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Stretching should be a daily habit. Here are some videos to show you how

We all could do with moving a little more often, and unless you’re a committed yogi or pilates fan, you probably don’t make time to stretch daily. We tend to associate stretching merely as a warm-up or cooldown for exercise, but it should be an integral part of our day in itself.

Stretching isn’t just for athletes, it is an essential practice for everyone, to help prevent injury. Flexibility exercises are as important for your overall health as cardio and strength training. Stretching keeps the connective tissues or fascia in your body mobile. Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place.

As you can imagine, if this fascia is left immobile for extended periods of time, you will start to feel that tightness in your muscles, like when you sit in a car for too long or stand in the one position all day. Perhaps you noticed it when tackling some DIY during lockdown.

So stretching isn’t just for the super active. Stretching is important to ensure the fascia will support your body in every movement, particularly as we age. Our joints can lose up to 50% of their range of motion as we age.

The answer? Aim to stretch for at least 10 minutes everyday.

Convinced? Try these stretch routines:

For tight hips:

After a day at the desk:

Challenging drills to try daily:

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*Mobility, Mobility, Mobility – Yes 😆😆I know I talk about it ALOT in class* This may not be the most exciting mobility video in the world but these types of drills are what I do every day to keep my body mobile, and to increase my range of motion. 2 years ago today I was waiting on jaw surgery, and I was told I had to get surgery on my hip after my car crash in Bali. Two years later my jaw is back to normal and mobility drills like this everyday are keeping my hip surgery (to fix my hip impingement) at bay. My body loves to overcompensate in so many of movements, so I always take videos and see how I can correct my form. Like how my back foot tries to take over in this video, as my body starts to fatigue towards the end🧐 Does your body like to overcompensate, or play tricks on your movement? * * * * * * #mobility #core #flow #stretch #healthylifestyle #grateful #bali #hips

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When you’re short on time:

A full body 20-minute routine: