How much skincare product to use

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If you want your skincare to work then it is vital that you are aware of how much of each product you should be applying.

Having a skincare routine is really important and finding products that work for you is essential to making sure your skin is hydrated and cared for. However sometimes, especially if we are in a rush in the morning, we can tend to put on our moisturiser or eye cream and not really pay attention to how much we should be using. We can often use too product which means we end up wiping off or washing away the excess. Or else we don’t use enough product and therefore we are not fully benefiting from the ingredients in the skincare.

Image skincare, one of the world’s leading skincare brands, demonstrates exact how much of each skincare product we should be using. See below for what they suggest.

You will also save money by avoiding wasting valuable product. With eye cream, Image Skincare suggest only using a pea size amount of product. However when it comes to moisturiser, a 50 cent coin size is enough product to use.

Pay attention to what is written on the product packaging too. It’s easy to assume you know how to apply skincare products at this stage in your life. But actually, many products are incorporating innovative new ingredients that require different techniques. For example, you should gently pat eye cream on to the skin. Apply cleanser in circular, upwards movements. 

Image source: @renskincare