These tweets are making us love Ireland even more

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Twitter can be a source of magic from time to time, and these recent stories of acts of kindness in Ireland are making us appreciate our home

Image via @theirondad on Twitter

With St Patrick’s Day coming up this month, Ireland will be celebrated all over the world. From Guinness to trad music, there’s lots of Irish characteristics that make Ireland and the people living in it, distinct. One such trait is our friendliness, which we have become known for to visitors. And while negative stories can have us doubting this from time to time, a recent flurry of stories on Twitter has reignited why we love to live here. From being sound to a swan, to staff in a hotel looking after an elderly customer – this is what we’ll be celebrating, as well as all the other stuff, on March 17.

This brilliant act of kindness from a taxi driver:
Just a man helping a swan get to safety in Dublin:
This lifted our hearts – not to mention all of the similar stories of kindness in the tweets underneath it, click through for a uplifting read:

Bressie sums it up pretty well: