These queer love stories on Netflix will melt your heart

You won’t want to miss these new Netflix releases: a documentary about true love and a coming-of-age movie with a difference

If you’re looking for something to watch, you can’t go wrong with these beautiful stories. One tells the incredible true story of two women who hid their love for 60 years, and the second is a high school romcom with charming, real characters.

A Secret Love

This true story is a tender tearjerker. The documentary is a bittersweet celebration of the six decade romance between Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel. They met and fell for each other in 1974, but waited over 60 years before they felt ready to come out to their families.

When we meet Terry and Pat, they are in their 80s, packing up the home they shared to gether to move into an assisted living facility. Here they share their love story, the realities of hiding their relationship from society, and how they found happiness together.

A teen romcom with a difference

The Half of It

This fun high school romcom puts a spin on a love triangle. Ellie is a bookish girl who sticks to herself, avoids bullies and writes their essays for them. A football player decides to enlist her help to write love letters to the girl he likes, Aster. But Ellie has pined for Aster from afar, and realises how much she wants her to be with her while writing these letters.

Director Alice Wu deftly handles characters with realistic, complex identities, without losing the fun and heartwarming elements of a great romcom.

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