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Yes, the internet is overloaded with some pretty depressing Coronavirus related news, but there are some gems to make us smile too

It is really moving to see all the good will that the current crisis has encouraged around the country, and how resilient our sense of humour can be in the face of something so heartbreaking. Here are some of our favourite heartwarming moments this week.

Dog videos will get us through

Dog content has really kept spirits up in the past few days. Here’s our current fave: 

Feeding frontline staff

The incredible Feed the Heroes campaign to support healthcare workers working long hours during this time, which so far has raised over €190,000. Click here to donate.

The one upside to postponing a wedding

It must be so completely devastating to have to delay a wedding after months of preparations. There is an upside however.

The only Eurovision 2020 song we need

Yes, this year’s Eurovision has just been cancelled. It is set to go ahead next year, but the current entrants must reapply. Thankfully we can still enjoy the amazing Iceland 2020 entry, which went viral when it was released a month ago. Let’s just say they won, shall we?

Watch in full here:

Well done to all who #supportirish this week

It has been amazing to see how the Irish community has rallied behind business owners at this time. Here are some ways you can do your bit too.

Maybe now isn’t the time to declutter…

With all this time on our hands, we all start out with the best intentions.

Someone needs to check out IMDB

First Tom Hanks, then Idris Elba was diagnosed with coronavirus. We don’t appreciate how this virus is coming for our big screen favourites, but there were a few Tweets about it that made us chuckle. Maybe someone should let New York Daily News know about Idris Elba’s extensive repertoire. Haven’t they heard of Luther? We would not have said Cats was his best work…

The online challenge to beat

We love 2FM’s #CreateDontContaminate content, in particular, Carl Mullen’s attempt to take part in a keepie uppie challenge, despite not owning a football. We don’t recommend doing this with your GoPro at home.

Life lessons learned at home

All this time at home has been an eye-opener.

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The truth comes out. #NewYorkerCartoons

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The best things come from those who are bored

Remember that when isolation starts to threaten your sanity, great creativity can emerge from moments of boredom. Enjoy:

Laughter will get us through this — take Judi Dench’s word on this.