The heartwarming Christmas ads of 2020

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Tissues at the ready, here are all the emotional Christmas ads for you to watch


Mrs Higgins pops in and out of her house each day and greets her neighbours, though she struggles with the creaky front gate. One day she arrives home to discover that one of those neighbours has been looking out for her. Verdict: This is the ad this year that will move you to tears.


With everything that has changed this year, a little boy worries that a certain someone won’t be able to come for Christmas. Verdict: Pulls on the heartstrings after months apart from our loved ones.

John Lewis & Waitrose

With stop motion creatures, illustration and live action scenes, there is a lot going on in this ad. But of course the little gestures are sweet, as we watch each of the characters pay it forward. Fittingly for 2020, John Lewis, Waitrose and partners are hoping to raise £4m for charities Home Start which works with parents who need support, and Fare Share, which helps those experiencing food poverty. Verdict: Very sweet, particularly when you see how the girl gets her glasses fixed.


Cute baby carrots are waiting for their dad Kevin to get home. He is having a nightmare, as described by narrator Colm Meaney, but with help from a hedgehog and Santa, he just might make it. Verdict: Cute, and the homage to ET is a nice surprise.


Mischevious elves jump down from the shelves after dark to sample the festive feast available in store for themselves and get the shop ready for Christmas shoppers. Verdict: Certainly looks delicious, if only they could do the same for our Christmas table.

Home Store + More

A little boy doens’t seem to want to visit his granny’s house, but his revised Santa letter reveals the truth. Verdict: Pass the tissues.


Two sisters flick through the Argos catalogue, coming across the perfect gift – a magician’s kit. Together they give a magical performance to their awe-struck fans, their family, making gifts appear as if by magic. Verdict: Cute and funny, and we wouldn’t mind if some of those gifts magically appeared under the tree this year.


A man goes to the ends of the earth to deliver a very important letter. Verdict: They had us there for a second, but don’t fear, the truck features. But where is Holidays are Coming?