The funniest sales pitch we’ve ever seen


Artist Design Wright needs people to buy her designs ASAP — before her brother comes home for Christmas and sees that his bedroom is currently a stock room

Design Wright

Donegal-based illustrator Megan Wright makes totes, keyrings and accessories with a distinctly Irish sense of humour, available to buy online at

Like any small business, she’d love a boost of sales for Design Wright in the run up to Christmas — before her mother gets any more stressed at the stock filling up the house. 

As her brother has been living away, Megan has been using his bedroom to store stock. Now her mother wants the room returned to normality before he comes home for Christmas. With the festive deadline approaching, Megan has asked her followers to stock up and help alleviate the seasonal stress building in the Wright household. 

Hilarious sales pitch aside, we think her designs would make excellent stocking fillers.  If you’ve a pal who loves Michael D Higgins or a pint of the black stuff then Design Wright has plenty of fantastic gift ideas.  There is a huge range of totes too. They could be used as a fun, reusable alternative to wrapping Christmas presents this year. Here are some of our favourites: 






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