Thank you gift ideas for any occasion


Whether it’s your child’s teacher or the neighbour who minds your pets while you’re away, here are some thoughtful thank you gift ideas

It’s nice to get someone more than just a box of chocolates to show you appreciate them. Here are some gifts and hampers that make the perfect small gesture.



Your child’s teacher is a huge part of their lives and it’s nice to give back at the end of the year. Did you know that you can get a special ‘Thank you teacher’ card? For teachers who receive a lot of candles and chocolates at this time of year, this is a nice option as it can be spent in up to 11,000 outlets in Ireland. Check them out here. 

One4All card saying 'Thank you teacher'

Beo Soothing Pulse Point Oil

This relaxing gift is a treat that anyone would appreciate. This pocket sized roll-on is a lovely invitation to unwind.


Hamper from Nearly Sisters

Amongst their selection of gift boxes, have the Take a Moment hamper. It includes Lily O’Brien’s Chocolates, a Diem mug, and Nik’s Tea (€32) which is a lovely gift idea for a neighbour or friend.



Share the love

If you want to let that person know that they are a lifesaver, this Rachel Joy Price print says it all.



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Faerly gift box

This gift marries that balance of something practical and something sweet. This gift set includes an insulated Neon Kactus mug and speciality Irish chocolate brand Bean & Goose.


The Crate

Saying thank you with flowers always works, and dried ones can be treasured forever.