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Irish Made Awards 2022

The Irish Made Awards are back – bigger and brighter for 2022

4 guided meditations to try this month

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Learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life with these free guided meditation videos from instructors in Ireland Practising mindfulness will benefit you in countless ways, and yet so many of us struggle to sit still for even…

Find it difficult to fall sleep? Meditation could be the answer

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Bedtime meditation is good for calming the mind when life gets a little hectic Meditation has proven to be one of life's most helpful practices when it comes to a healthy mind. It not only helps us to unwind from our busy schedules,…

4 Irish wellness retreats to beat the January blues

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Don't let you get the post-Christmas slump get you down - relax the body and mind with a wellness retreat

6 ways to unwind this winter

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Our 6 wellness tips are self-care for the body and the mind