Find it difficult to fall sleep? Meditation could be the answer

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Bedtime meditation is good for calming the mind when life gets a little hectic

Meditation has proven to be one of life’s most helpful practices when it comes to a healthy mind. It not only helps us to unwind from our busy schedules, it relaxes the body, improves focus and can aid sleep. The body needs to be recharged each night with at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep recommended for adults. Without proper sleep, the body can’t function at its very best. So, if you’re experiencing a restless night or feel you’re awake looking at the ceiling when you should be recharging, bedtime meditation could be the key to getting that quality shut-eye.

Mindfulness meditation

Known as the most popular type of meditating, this form of exercise improves your breathing skills. A great way to clear your thoughts and focus on your mindset. Before you step into your cosy bed tonight, unleash yourself from social media, get yourself into a comfortable position with no distractions, close your eyes and listen to an audio of sleep meditation.

Switching off

Another way to improve your sleep is to switch off everything distracting before bedtime. No TV, phone or books. Many people enjoy reading a chapter or two of a book before getting into bed. With the aim to let go of exhaustion from your busy day, your goal is to relax. Listening to meditative clips of the ocean waves, raindrops or a walk through nature will also help you soothe into tranquility.

Five minute mindfulness audio

This short soothing clip will help your body become rested and prepared for a good night’s sleep.

Calm & relaxing deep sleep music

Close your eyes and listen to the peaceful sound of the ocean. Just as if you were lounging at a luxurious spa, you can enjoy the tranquil sounds in your own home before you fall asleep.

An audio bedtime story

This audio helps you prepare for a good night’s sleep. The bedtime story brings you on a journey that will help prepare you for a stress free rest. It starts off by bringing you through your sleep, helping you solve any problems you may have, ending on a note of optimism before you close your eyes.

ASMR recordings

Sleep Whispers is an ASMR recording of whispered ramblings and peaceful readings that will guide you into a deep sleep. Spotify has various playlists and readings depending on your sleeping pattern. Before you know it, your body will become at ease and your mind will eventually fall into the sleep it deserves.