4 guided meditations to try this month

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Learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life with these free guided meditation videos from instructors in Ireland

Practising mindfulness will benefit you in countless ways, and yet so many of us struggle to sit still for even just five minutes a day. It takes time and patience, but regular meditation can help boost your mood, aid sleep, improve your relationships and so much more.

Guided meditations are an easy way to begin, as instructors will guide you through and keep you focused. So find a few moments in your day, sit somewhere comfortable where you won’t be disturbed, and learn to look forward to this practice.

Erica Bracken’s 15 minute meditation

Yoga teacher, PR & marketing consultant and beauty expert Erica is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to wellness, and we love her simple approach to meditation. She points out that 15 minutes is just 1% of your day, which makes meditating regularly feel a lot more achievable.


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Robyn Taafe’s five minute breather

Robyn Taafe is a nurse and the founder of Insight Wellness, a platform  for life and wellness coaching.  Robyn provides gentle reminders that stress is harmful to the mind and body, and shares easy ways to practise self care. This short and simple meditation is an ideal break from scrolling.

Lalit Kumar’s end of the day meditation

Lalit is the founder of Himalaya Yoga Valley in Cork, and here he leads a guided meditation and breathing exercise that you can use regularly to helpyou feel relaxed and balanced.


Susan Quirke’s stress solution

If your day isn’t going well, and a  simple breathing exercise just won’t do, try this powerful exercise. Meditation teacher Susan shows you how to listen to your body’s stress signals in the moment, and help find calm.


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