Solid perfumes and deodorants to try

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These sustainable solid perfumes and deodorants will save you weight, space and spills in your luggage this summer

Jo Browne

As travel opens back up, why not try out some eco-friendly solid perfumes and deodorants to pack with you on your travels? Many have refills that can save you some money and plastic waste too. With a lot more businesses making it easier for us to reduce our carbon footprint it’s becoming simple for us to still enjoy new products in a more environmentally friendly way. From businesses like The Cliff at Lyons Hotel in Kildare who just introduced solid shampoo and body wash in all their rooms, to our favourite brands creating simple solutions for us with refills, we compiled a list of solid deodorants and perfumes for you to choose from and enjoy.


 Arona Delicate Rose  €89 

Sabe Masson Être Ici Et Ailleurs Solid Soft Perfume €25


#Mood Wild Solid Perfume €3.60

Jo Browne Floral Note Female – Solid Perfume €24

DIPTYGUE  34B Solid Perfume €52


Solid Perfume Juno Inspired By Coco Mademoiselle- Bergamot, Rose & White Musk €25.50


 L’Occitane Shea Butter Deodorant Balm €19

Wild Solid deodorant €29.23

Janni Bars Bamboo Deodorant – Vetiver & Palmarosa €12.00

Pit Putty Aluminium Free Natural Deodorant- Lavender and Lemon €11.99

Little Green Shop Deodorant stick €9.50


Warrior Deodorant Cream €12.50