Sitting at a desk all day? Try this 10-minute guided chair yoga


In need of a stretch? This chair yoga routine by Grainne Toher of Yogapal is gentle and effective – and it only takes a few minutes

Photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash

These days, lots of us are working from home and finding more reasons to sit down throughout the day – from home schooling to binge-watching the latest boxset. While sitting down for large parts of the day can be unavoidable, it is good practise to take breaks regularly to give your brain, eyes and body a break. The next time you find yourself with ten minutes to spare between tasks, why not try this simple yet effective chair yoga routine. It’s easy to do even if you’ve never tried yoga before, and targeted at all of the muscles that can become cramped and tight from long periods sitting down.

Grainne Toher is a yoga teacher based in Galway. Her company, Yogapal, offers health and wellness programmes online. She put together this helpful 10-minute guided chair yoga session with easy stretches, to alleviate tension in the arms, legs, hips, neck and back.