Ask the expert: Hair loss, hair thinning, scalp issues and more

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A new salon in Dublin treating scalp issues such as alopecia, psoriasis and hair loss, SaRian, answers our questions

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Located in the heart of Killester Village in Dublin, specialists Brianán and Sara have officially opened SaRian, a hair replacement and scalp clinic offering complete care for male and female clients. The two women have perfected a life-changing service for those suffering with hair loss and scalp issues. These include patients undergoing chemotherapy, those struggling with alopecia, psoriasis, and other conditions that cause hair loss and scalp irritation.


The HSE-approved salon offers both organic and clinical treatments that have proven to be effective in both preventing hair loss and easing painful scalp irritation. Specialists Sara and Brianán, have a great understanding of their clients’ individual needs saying that no two cases are the same. “What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another,” Sara says. This personal client approach has resulted in results that have changed the lives of visitors to the salon.

We asked Brianán about the causes and best treatments for people suffering from some of these issues.

What are the most common issues you see clients come to you with? 

Lately it’s mostly frontal fibrosing alopecia, cancer treatment-related hair loss, and hair thinning in young males and post-menopausal women.

What causes of hair loss and hair thinning? 

There are many factors causing hair loss, from genetics, hormones, medications, and alopecia. If you notice your hair thinning or hairline beginning to recede slightly, get advice from a hair specialist as soon as possible as further regressing may be prevented, but once the follicle dies it cannot regrow hair.

What can people do at home to maintain a healthy scalp? 

A clean and healthy scalp is vital to maintaining healthy hair. Using the correct shampoo, keeping a healthy diet, keeping the hair hydrated – all helps this. Brushing your hair with a flexible brush prevents pulling the hair and doesn’t put pressure on the roots.

If someone is feeling embarrassed or sensitive about a hair or scalp issue, what would you say to them? 

We would say talk to a specialist, there is always a solution. And as mentioned, early intervention is key. There is no need to be embarrassed, we specialise in hair and scalp issues and would be happy to discuss your concerns and offer the best solution for you.

Treating scalp issues and hair loss

One of the treatments offered at SaRian is ‘hair systems’ that are bonded to the scalp via medical grade bonds. These need to be removed after four to six weeks to be replaced or cleaned. They are suitable for showering and sports (including water sports), giving clients a realistic look of having a full head of hair. A similar treatment option, know as ‘integrated hair systems’ is suitable for those with very thin hair. Mesh strips are placed directly over the hair and are replaced or cleaned every four to six weeks. SaRian also offer clip on systems and wigs.

Business manager Brianán says that many clients leave the salon looking notably more confident and stronger in themselves. The salon experience is intimate and private, ensuring each customer feels at ease and comfortable. The salon is also involved with charities such as the Little Princess Trust, Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice and the Mums in Business Group which donates to Women’s Aid Ireland shelters nationwide.

The SaRian scalp clinic is available from Wednesday to Friday, with appointments from €60, which entitles you to a €30 voucher to redeem against a treatment or home care product plan. For more information, visit