Resolutions done right: Mindful habits to bring into 2020

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Five manageable new year’s resolutions that impact yourself and the planet

The new year is a time famously known for setting goals.. and, sometimes, breaking them. While we all start off with intentions to meal prep every Sunday and hit the gym three times a week, sometimes real life can get in the way and interrupt this. These five small changes are easy to implement but will make a big difference on your well-being. Why not give them a go?

1. Get some daily zen with meditation

Meditation has never been easier, with apps such as Headspace and Calm providing guided meditation and soothing sleep sounds. The short sessions can be done any time you have a few spare minutes: whether that is on your morning commute, waiting for the kettle to boil, or at night before you go to bed. A simple way to clear your mind and de-stress.

2. Embrace de-cluttering

2019 was definitely the year of tidiness, with Marie Kondo spreading her wisdom about how minimalism can spark joy in your life.  With sustainability being such a prevalent topic, people are aiming to be more conscious consumers and cut down on needless purchases. For a clutter-free mind and life, try to sift through your home regularly and re-gift or donate any unwanted items.

3. Stretch your legs

We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful country with stunning scenery, and 2020 is the time to embrace it! Try and make a regular habit of embarking on a refreshing hike or leisurely stroll. As well as releasing some much-needed endorphins, it is an excellent excuse to explore a new place and appreciate the beauty of nature. Check out our top 10 scenic Irish spots for some inspiration.

4. Go green and cut down on waste

We are all trying to do our bit to help the planet, and with Greta Thunberg being named TIME Magazine’s 2019 Person of the Year, 2020 is destined to be the year of the eco-warrior. To help the cause, why not commit to making small changes? Things like buying food with less packaging and opting for sustainable materials can make a big difference. Our eco-friendly tips give 10 simple ideas for ways you can help.

5. Be kind to yourself

It can be easy to get into a habit of negative self-talk, but it’s time to leave it in 2019! In the New Year, embrace being kind to yourself. Celebrate small victories, don’t focus on the things you dislike, and give yourself compliments whenever you can. You will be amazed at the difference it makes. Make sure to follow our former cover star Rozanna Purcell on Instagram for some truly empowering posts that champion body confidence.