Prepare to host this summer with gorgeous dining furniture

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Updating your dining set will instantly transform your space. Here are flexible options for entertaining

Regardless of restrictions lifting, we’re all more likely to be entertaining at home in the coming months. And inevitably, people tend to gather around the table, often staying there long after plates are cleaned and tea has gone cold as conversation takes over. Updating your dining furniture and accessories is certainly a great excuse to play host. Here’s a selection of affordable neutral pieces to suit any home interior.

Choose your style:

Brass detailing makes a simple and rustic designed-table feel more luxe.

Contemporary homes can play with different tones, and slender legs and a sleek design like the Ago dining table from Michael Murphy home will create a laidback, café vibe for relaxed entertaining.

Ago dining table, Michael Murphy Home (€349)

Industrial styles aren’t going away. A simple set like Marks and Spencer’s Baltimore is a flexible option that will work for games nights with the kids as well as for entertaining friends.

Accessorise with: 12-piece Maisy dinner set, Next (€66)

For a minimal interior that will feel mellow, opt for paired back simplicity in neutral toned soft chair covers, like the MÖCKELBY / HENRIKSDAL set from IKEA.

Bench seating gives flexibility and creates a ‘more-the-merrier environment’. Opt for one with a soft texture like Neptune’s Wycombe bench below, to ensure it is inviting.

Create interest and ignite a sense of nostalgia with vintage seating. An instant conversation piece, check out websites like Dublin’s Vintage Hub for impeccably restored pieces.

For a fun, retro bar vibe, choose sumptuous leather seating. Make sure it has rich details like this one.

Dining chair, Casey’s Furniture (€149)

A rustic dining table instantly encourages people to gather round and the distressed finish will work in traditional or eclectic homes. High backed chairs like in this set will work for formal dinners as well as being comfortable for long chats over pots of tea.

Dining set, Des Kelly interiors (€510)

Accessorise with: Seat pad, Interiosity (€19.95)

Main image: Paulette Wooten on Unsplash