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In times like these we learn the value of online content creators who give that bit more to keep us entertained at home. Here are the Irish accounts you should support and subscribe to on Patreon

We’re all hungry for quality content, dashing through podcasts on daily walks and devouring online articles on our phones. Patreon, for the uninitiated, is an online space where content creators can share their work on a subscription basis. Members subscribe for various amounts, usually to get access to exclusive content. This is where Irish podcasters and writers are turning to create the work that drives them, in a time when, for many, usual income streams are threatened or non-existent.

A lot of these creatives make content that is available for free, such as podcasts and newsletters, but by creating online communities to share more work, they are encouraging their following to support with their wallets and not just social media likes.

9 Irish content creators to support on Patreon

United Ireland

United Ireland, by Andrea Horan and Una Mullally, started as a podcast about life in Ireland, highlighting how issues in small places, like each Irish county, has a bigger context. But it has grown and adapted to life in lockdown too. Not only do they have a brilliant back catalogue exploring pressing issues from the perspective of counties throughout Ireland, they also have brilliant patron-only content, including the Sunday Soothe, bonus episodes of timely discussions, and lots of coronavirus content.

Those Conspiracy Guys

Those Conspiracy Guys is an Irish comedy podcast delving into all types and genres of conspiracy theories, paranormal happenings and true crime. Supporters on Patreon get access to extra content, a monthly live chat and more interactive elements.

Sustainable Fashion Dublin

In a short period of time, the creators of Sustainable Fashion Dublin, Taz Kelleher and Geraldine Carton, worked tirelessly to create a community that was all about sustainability. They ran swap shops, workshops, flea markets, and spoke in schools and businesses. Then coronavirus happened, putting their fun get-togethers on pause. They reacted swiftly by creating more online content so that like-minded people can connect, learn and get passionate about fun, real ways to live sustainably. From mask tutorials, recipes, sustainability guides and more, they are creating brilliant content for their growing audience. From DIY face coverings, embroidery tutorials, ethical shopping guides, to veggie burgers you can freeze and have ready for your next BBQ, they are providing lots of ways to keep busy during lockdown.

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OK LISTEN UP WE HAVE NEWWWWS!!! Just like with so many small businesses right now, Covid-19 has completely rocked our world, and in the last week it has took the wind right out of our SFD sails. 😞 Honestly, we had so many events lined up; from our *biggest monthly flea market yet*, to a plus-sized swap shop, a menswear event; vegan food workshop, countless talks and workshops in schools & businesses… And in the space of a week – just like that, it all went poof.💨 But fear not! We knew better than to admit defeat. That being said, we realised that we’d need your help to keep going. 🙏🏻 Here's the deal: We we have set up a Patreon page (link in bio) where anyone to come and connect with like-minded peeps; a place to learn; and a place to pass the many hours we are probably going to have spend at home in a positive and proactive way. …That, plus we need to make money now that our entire business model has effectively been rendered defunct, lol. From here on out we'll be using this hub to share loads of content every single week; think DIY tutorials, zero waste recipes, virtual sewing classes, weekly documentary-watching-get-togethers and much, much more. In return? We ask you to subscribe for under a fiver every month. For €4/month, you will help keep this lil' SFD ship afloat and support us as we continue to try to fight the good fight in "preaching the sustainability gospel" in a fun-loving, non-preachy way. Consider it your way of supporting a local business and contributing to the greater good in an incredibly impactful way. So g'won and click the link in our bio, and spread the word amongst your pals. In a time when many of us feel helpless, this is one way you can **really** help a small business to progress despite seemingly catastrophic circumstances. 🌸 Honestly, you have no idea how much your support with this would mean to us both, and you can be rest-assured that we will be putting a huge amount of effort and energy into making this the best goddamn Patreon around. 🌟 Thanks so much in advance, and see you on the aul' Patreon page! There is a link in our bio to join 🌟 Big love, G & T xx

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The Blindboy Podcast

Blindboy’s hugely popular podcast is free to listen to, but if you want to support his work you can sign up to his Patreon for $5. His podcast includes interviews, essay readings and comedy, and he regularly invites patrons to ask questions via Patreon.

Jarlath Regan

The Irishman Abroad podcast is one of the stalwarts of the Irish podcast scene. He has an incredible archive of interviews with Irish personalities, from Hozier to Sharon Horgan to Gabriel Byrne. New to Patreon, the offering for members includes extra archival content, a true crime podcast called An Irishman Behind Bars, and Men Behaving Better, a podcast for men who want to change for the better and for women who believe that change is possible.

Aisling M Keenan

Her informative and entertaining podcast Private Education became an instant hit with Irish listeners who loved hearing about sex lives, relationships and intimacy issues discussed in a way that feels real and relevant. Aisling Keenan is also one of Ireland’s top beauty writers, including her regular feature for Irish Country Magazine. Patreon supporters will be privy to very honest beauty reviews, agony aunt columns, and long-form articles where Aisling shares an insight into life as a freelance writer. Sign up here.

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Some of you might know my podcast @privateeducationpodcast – and it’s still there, Friday at 4, same as ever. _ But as of a literal minute ago, FURTHER EDUCATION has launched its first episode on my Patreon page. @paddyysmyth goes into A LOT of detail on his most embarrassing sex moment – even my jaw was on the floor. _ Continuing on from where Private Education leaves off, Further Education goes even further into topics, features a slightly wider range of topics and (importantly) is exclusive to Patreon subscribers. _ You can subscribe from as little as €2 per month, and cancel anytime! Link in my bio. _ #privateeducationpodcast #furthereducation #patreonpodcast #patreonpodcaster

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Second Captains

The Second Captains podcast started in 2013 and grew to become a multifaceted media company with a really engaged following. With live events, multiple podcasts and more brilliant content, focused on sports and politics, the Second Captains World Service is one of Ireland’s most successful Patreon creators, promising independent, member-led, commercial-free broadcasts. To add to their offering now that sports events are paused, they enlisted comedian David O’Doherty to create Isolating, a podcast documenting his time isolating with his parents on Achill Island.

Esther O’Moore Donohoe

Esther creates the popular The 80% podcast, interviewing successful people she is 80% happy for. Interviewees include Mairead Ronan, Linda Martin, Caroline O’Donoghue and more. By supporting her on Patreon, you will get access to audio recordings of her hilarious bi-monthly newsletter. The newsletters from lockdown include the brilliantly titled ‘A letter of news from someone who has no news’, and ‘This newsletter has washed its hands’.

The Creep Dive

Created by Cassie Delaney, Sophie White and Jen O’Dwyer, The Creep Dive is a podcast that explores in great detail the most bizarrre stories that made the headlines. The stories include con artists, supernatural events and conspiracies, and they dive deep into the story to piece together the facts. By supporting on Patreon, you get access to more content, as well as the brilliant online Creep Live sessions that have been a bit of craic during lockdown.