PJs, toys and accessories for Frozen fans

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Frozen @ Debenhams

Frozen-themed gifts are guaranteed to go down well after the second movie got rave reviews. If you have an all-singing, all-dancing Frozen fan on your hands, we have something for them on this list.

Here is our Frozen gift guide:

Pj set, Debenhams (sale price) €17.50

Frozen hair styling set, Dunnes Stores €10

Olaf jumper, H&M €14.99

Elsa and Olaf play set, Debenhams (sale price) €41.60

Robe, H&M €17.99

Sing and Swing Olaf plus toy, Debenhams (sale price) €28

Frozen dress, Next from €11.50

Frozen heat change mug, Debenhams €11.20

Frozen tulle dress, H&M €21.99

Olaf throw, Next €15.50

Frozen wellies, Dunnes Stores €14

Duvet set, Next from €26

Sweatshirt with tulle, H&M €14.99

Frozen trainers, Dunnes Stores €18

Olaf mug, Next €16.50

Anna dress up outfit, Dunnes Stores €15

Frozen sweatshirt, Mango €22.99

Frozen pencil case, Dunnes Stores €5

Leggings with sequins, H&M €9.99