Penneys launches reusable period underwear

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A range of reusable period underwear is now available from as little as €7

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Sustainable period products have been growing in popularity in recent years. From biodegradable pads and tampons to menstrual cups, people have been looking to avoid as much waste as possible during their menstruation. Over the course of roughly 38 years of menstruation,  a person could use 8,000 to 17,000 tampons. To minimise the products and amount of waste, there are now many more eco-friendly options on the market, but often at a higher price. For example, Flux period underwear can around cost €40.


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Now, Penneys has announced their new period underwear with a 17-piece collection that starts from only €7 for one pair, or €19 for a triple-pack, in colours black, mocha and pink.

The underwear will be available in two options: light-medium flow and medium-heavy flow. They can be worn alone or depending on your flow you can be used along with other products if needed. You can also choose from high-waisted midis, hipsters, and mini briefs.

Penneys says its new launch of period underwear has been designed to ensure effective absorption, reduce the smell of any odours, to look like regular underwear and to be easily washed and reused. They can be worn for up to eight hours and can hold the equivalent of up to four tampons.

Penneys believes that period products should be accessible to anyone and are delighted to be the first high street retailer to offer period underwear at an affordable price: “Our period underwear has the same look of regular undies while working as a washable, reusable and planet-friendly replacement for single use period products, allowing you to tackle your period with confidence.”


Waste generation cannot be stopped altogether, but we can always aim towards waste reduction. Sustainable period products help in reducing the average sanitary waste a menstruator can generate and we as individuals can each take some action. Some of the top brand names are made up from up to 90% plastics which are non-recyclable. This waste then lands in landfills or causes further pollution if flushed into the sea.

There has been a concern that reusable underwear are unhygienic. However, it is safe and hygienic to use them and with proper care the underwear can last years.  By making more products available to the public, brands will not only help the environment but also shed the taboo about periods for future generations to come.

See more information about the Penneys period underwear here, and find them on sale in stores now.