Green Innovation

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Guaranteed Irish has been championing locally based businesses in Ireland since 1974 and after a year like no other, it’s unveiling an ambitious plan for innovation in 2021

It’s safe to say that almost everyone knows the Guaranteed Irish symbol and its strong association with job creation in this country. With March being Guaranteed Irish Month, there’s lots of buzz around what Guaranteed Irish has in store for its members in 2021.

National symbol of trust

The Guaranteed Irish symbol is the national symbol of trust in business in Ireland. Operated by a small media-savvy team and directed by a voluntary Board of Directors, the iconic ‘G’ symbol has become valuable and no other mark is a substitute. Guaranteed Irish currently backs over 1,500 business members, employing 100,000 people across Ireland, generating an annual combined Irish turnover of €12.9bn.

“The iconic ‘G’ symbol has become valuable and no other mark is a substitute.”

Guaranteed Irish plays a vital role in encouraging consumers to support locally based businesses through a national PR and marketing campaign, this includes radio, TV, print and digital. To support these, the organisation also hosts a weekly podcast, monthly webinars, and various marketing training videos for their members.

The recently launched website,, offers shoppers that are eager to find Irish products a platform to buy from the best of Irish businesses throughout the country with hundreds of gift ideas available in stores and online. Giving a much-needed boost to our smaller design and craft members it now also dedicates a category with Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCI) members.

This is not only a great tool for shoppers, it offers invaluable support to brands: “We are delighted to announce as the top referrer to our website,” says Siobhan Kehoe, Business Development Director at Rathbornes 1488, whose beautiful Irish-made candles are available through the site.

Family at the heart of it

“It’s like a quiet revolution,” says Camilla Cullinane, Tax Partner KPMG and Director of the Board of Guaranteed Irish. “We are delighted to be part of this support network for businesses based here in Ireland. Irish family businesses have a unique element which no other businesses have – the aspect of family. It is an inspirational area to work in and build long lasting relationships.

“For generations family businesses have been supporting jobs and their communities from the kitchen table to the board room. They are well placed to meet the challenges of today due to their focus on long term thinking, innovation, a commitment to core values and purpose, agile decision-making and the benefit of multi-generational experience.”

Camilla Cullinane

Innovation leading the way

Ireland is home to 24 of the top biotech and pharmaceutical firms in the world to include MSD, AbbVie, Teva, Pfizer and AstraZeneca. The sector currently employs over 30,000 people in Ireland directly, and a further 30,000 people indirectly. Worth over €80 billion in exports to the Irish economy, Ireland is the seventh largest exporter of medicinal products in the world.

So what makes Ireland a global leader in innovation? Mairead McCaul, Managing Director of MSD Ireland (Human Health), says: “At MSD Ireland we firmly believe that the most important thing we make is a difference – to patients, to our employees, to our communities and to the Irish healthcare landscape generally.

“Our vision and mission is to ‘Invent for Life’ in all that we do, and we are committed to innovating to invent and produce new medicines and vaccines to meet unmet clinical need for patients worldwide. Our Irish sites manufacture approximately half of MSD’s top twenty products, saving and enhancing lives in over sixty countries around the world.

“The continued investment in our operations in Ireland underlines our company’s confidence in the ability of our teams to support cutting edge pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our workforce in Ireland is highly educated, adaptable and innovative, and collectively we have great experience in the pharmaceutical sector. We are very proud and active members of the communities we operate in, working closely with local businesses where possible to deliver support and services. I look forward to further championing this collaboration during my time on the Board of Guaranteed Irish.”

Mairead McCaul

Green vision

An invaluable online resource, includes all the elements of the supply chain required for a building – from raw materials to final furnishings – that can be sourced locally and help reduce the carbon footprint while supporting jobs and businesses here in Ireland. The idea is supported by Guaranteed Irish construction members, RIAI, Engineers Ireland and Construction Industry Federation (CIF). Supporting Ireland’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Projections 2040 while supporting local manufacturers’ jobs, Guaranteed Irish welcomes all members of the supply chain, right down to design, soft furnishings, and furniture makers to come on board.

March is Guaranteed Irish Month, visit for further information.