Mick Flannery’s new album is out now

Here are the details of the new eponymous album from Mick Flannery, plus where you can see him perform this summer.

The Cork singer-songwriter releases his self-titled sixth album this month. Under new management, the album is a new chapter in the award-winning singer’s career. 

Rumour has it he named the album Mick Flannery because Hozier had sort of nabbed the title he wanted, ‘Wasteland’, the name of the first track on the album.

His first single on the album, ‘Come Find Me’, references emotional search and rescue. “The song is basically about someone who would like to find a partner but doesn’t quite know where to start. It looks at trying to stay positive about life, even in a city, where crowds of people can make someone feel even more alone,” says Flannery.  

Order Mick Flannery’s self-titled sixth album here.

The album comes right after the success of the show Evening Train, a musical based on Mick Flannery’s 2007 debut album of the same name.

The play debuted at the Everyman Theatre in June as part of Cork Midsummer Festival.

Mick performed as part of the band for the musical, which saw his concept of an album if tracks based on an night of poker come to life on stage.


You can also see him perform songs from his new album at special Album Record Store events:

July 4 – Tower Records & Lost Lane, Dublin (Evening)

July 5 – Music Zone & Coughlan’s, Cork (2 shows)

July 7 – Rollercoaster Records & Cleere’s Kilkenny (Lunchtime)

July 7 – Golden Discs & The Sky & Ground, Wexford (Evening)

July 10 – Zvivago OMG Records & The Black Gate Cultural Centre (Evening)

July 11 – Steamboat & Kasbah Social (with Dolan’s Limerick)

And headline shows at:

July 6 – Clonmel Junction Festival – Tickets

July 19 – Dolan’s Limerick  – Tickets

July 20 – Galway Arts Festival – Tickets

July 21 – Claremorris Folk Festival  – Tickets

Sept 26 – Cork Opera House, Cork, IRE – Tickets

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