Make a difference: 10 little things you can do to make someone’s day


From cups of tea to random compliments, these 10 things are simple ways to make a big difference to someone else’s day

Our lives have become so busy between work, family and social events, that we tend to get wrapped up in our own on-goings and we forget about those around us without meaning too. Have you ever been late for work and you end up driving by someone who is sitting at a t-junction struggling to get out? Or what about missed phone calls, have you ever got home late, missed a call from your mother and didn’t ring back?

Simple gestures can make a big difference to someone else’s day and we should never be too busy to be kind or thoughtful. These 12 things are simple, small ways to make someone else’s day.

1. Make a cup of tea for someone else

You’re under pressure at work, its deadline day, everyone is stressed including your work wife. Take a time-out, go make a cup of tea for both of you and watch her face light up when you approach her desk.

2. Pay a stranger a compliment

If you see a stranger wearing a top or a pair of shoes that you love, tell them. You never know what hardships they are enduring and your one seemingly small comment could be the thing that gets them through the day.

3. Praise someone for their efforts

Whether you are at work or at home praise should be plentiful. Nothing boosts a person more than telling them that they did well, even if it is something as simple as your child eating all their dinner or a new employee making a great impression on their first week.

5. Make dinner

Nothing beats coming home from a day’s work to smell the delicious aroma of home cooking and if you happen to be the first one home, you can make a bad day great by taking the hassle out of cooking and preparing a tasty meal.

6. Call your mother or father

Even if you have no news to tell them, hearing your voice can be a great pick-me-up especially if they were not expecting your call.

7. Hold the door open for someone

It’s the simplest gesture but people really appreciate good manners.

8. Let someone out in traffic

Nothing gets my day off to a better start than when someone allows me to slip into a lone queue of traffic in the morning.

9. Say thank you

Three of the easiest words in the English language but they aren’t used often enough.

10. Send your spouse / partner a morning text

When work life gets busy our relationships tend to take a hit and when things are a little tense between you a good morning text can work wonders – thoughtful and yet so simple.

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Written by Tracey Donaghey

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