Learn what life is really like for trans people

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Upcoming Netflix documentary Disclosure examines how the trans community has been depicted on screen

Laverne Cox

Netflix documentary Disclosure, directed by Sam Feder, looks at how Hollywood simultaneously reflects and creates the anxieties we feel about gender.

It is believed that 80% of Americans have never met a trans person, so all they know is media depictions. This film is aimed at that 80%.

Featuring interviews with leading trans thinkers and creatives, including Laverne Cox, Lilly Wachowski, Yance Ford, Mj Rodriguez, Jamie Clayton, and Chaz Bono, the film looks at moments on screen that are triumphant or problematic for the trans community.

Eddie Redmayne in the Danish Girl

The film invites you to confront long-held assumptions and hopes to transform how we see and understand trans people.

The timing of the film is no accident. As visibility of trans people increases, it signals the potential for acceptance. But violence and abuse against the community persists, as well as structural problems that cause unnecessary trauma.

Disclosure arrives on Netflix on 19 June.