Irish Made Awards Sustainability Finalists


These Irish-made businesses stand out for their sustainability efforts. Check them out before voting in the Irish Made Awards 2022

The team at Irish Country Magazine and the judging panel were really impressed by all of the sustainability initiatives the entrants in this year’s awards have put into place. Check out the finalists in the new Sustainability category below, before casting your vote in the Irish Made Awards 2022! 

Cleo Prickett

Cleo’s collections are made up of 95% all-natural fibres, using Irish linen as well as various  wools and silks, sourced from artisan mills in Ireland and the UK, committed to using eco-friendly processes. The brand’s ethos is about creating high quality garments that will stay in wardrobes for longer.

Cleo Prickett jumpsuit

Dingle Sea Salt

Dingle Sea Salt has developed an innovative and low carbon approach to sea salt making, using gently evaporated seawater in custom designed tunnels. Conventionally in Ireland this process requires a significant energy output, but this small batch process is natural and ensures the best flavour possible.


Ethos is committed to acting responsibly at every step of production of their organically grown CBD products. The main ingredient, hemp, sequesters 37.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the earth’s atmosphere, which is four times more than trees.

ethos products

Hanna’s Bees

Hanna’s business is based on the protection of the native Irish Honeybee. The beeswax wraps, candles and more are made from renewable sources, free from toxins and help cut down on plastic waste.

Laoise Carey Studio

Laoise creates all garments by hand in her studio in Tipperary, from 90% repurposed textiles such as curtains, quilts and tea towels, as well as vintage buttons and trims and small amounts of deadstock fabric.


Founder Nicola Coughlan worked as a sustainability consultant for 10 years. As well as mindfully making the plant-based skincare products on the shores of Lough Derg in Co Tipperary, the company is the first in Ireland to use mycelium technology which is 100% compostable and biodegradable.


Seabody makes premium skincare and supplements from seaweed harvested along the Irish coastline. The company practises zero waste seaweed bioprocessing, uses chemical free clean technologies and has a circular economy model, supporting local marine communities.

STABLE of Ireland

The Irish handwoven tweeds used to create The Nóirín Skirts were woven by Nóirín Pye in Dublin in the 1970s, one of Ireland’s only female hand weavers of her time. STABLE of Ireland created two skirts using the fabric Nóirín carefully kept in storage. From the outset the brand has chosen 100% wool, linen, cashmere, alpaca, silk and cotton.


VivaGreen products are designed to allow individuals, companies and communities to substitute harmful products with environmentally friendly alternatives. The Tru Eco home cleaning range is made with natural, renewable ingredients.


Woolow pillows are not a fast, throwaway product, as the wool and cotton can be repurposed at the end of the pillow’s life. It’s a circular product — when you buy a wool product, you are purchasing carbon sequestered from the atmosphere one-to-two years earlier.

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