Irish Made Awards: Food Finalists


Packed with flavour, local pride and the best ingredients, here are the Irish Made Awards 2022 Food Finalists

Memorable meals can’t happen without quality ingredients, and Irish artisans are known for creating something special. The Irish Made Awards Food finalists are a diverse bunch, each with their own unique story to tell. Read more about the shortlisted businesses here before you cast your vote in the Irish Made Awards 2022. 

Annascaul Black Pudding Co.

Annascaul Black Pudding Co. is an artisan food production business run by Thomas and Eileen Ashe in Annascaul, Co. Kerry. They make pudding, sausages and rashers, and supply restaurants all over Ireland. 

Annascaul Black Pudding in packaging


Anna Coffey Lynch creates unusual chocolate flavours to create a fresh modern approach to chocolate, including whiskey and almond nibs, and peanut butter and jelly.

Braw Chocolate bars in packaging

Burren Smokehouse

Burren Smokehouse have been in existance for 33 years in Lisdoonvarna. It was founded by Birgitta and Peter Curtin 1989 and they have been using 100% Irish and Organic or Wild Salmon during that time.

Burren Smokehouse Salmon

Dingle Sea Salt

Dingle Sea Salt has re-imagined how sea salt can be sustainably made in Ireland, by developing an innovative low-carbon approach. The result is a mineral-rich and distinct tasting Atlantic Irish sea salt.

Dingle Sea Salt in a jar

Greene’s Family Kitchen

Greene’s Family Kitchen, based in Rathowen, Co Westmeath is a family business producing frittatas, quiche and omelettes. Each meal is made with local ingredients, traditional methods and without the use of artificial additives or preservatives.

Greenes Family owner posing with product

Olly’s Farm

Olly’s Farm’s heather honey is produced by bees that visit the heather flowering along the Dublin / Wicklow border on the Featherbeds in late July through to early September. Starting in 2016 with just 16 beehives, production has grown to 180 beehives. 

Pizza da Piero

Established in 2007, Pizza da Piero pizza bases are made with natural ingredients of “00 Italian flour, Italian extra virgin olive oil, filtered water, sea salt and a small amount of yeast followed by a unique process of proving to create the artisan dough.

Praliné Chocolatiers

Based in Athlone, Georgia Quealy and Daniel Linehan create Irish chocolates with the finest ingredients possible. They source seasonal produce and forage whenever they can.

Artisan chocolates in pastel colours

Tullahay Farm

Tullahay Farm produce soft cheeses and liquid whey drinks in their on farm production kitchen in Co Tipperary. Jim and Rosemary have a dairy farm in South Tipperary, and milk 250 Friesian cows.

Selection of drinks and soft cheeses on a table

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