Intense TV shows to watch next

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The One, Your Honor, Amend: The Fight for America and more shows everyone will be talking about

If you’ve been devouring series as soon as they drop, there is plenty of new content coming this month to keep you hooked. A gritty crime drama or scandalous documentary is the perfect lockdown show to binge, and here are the ones that are worth a watch.


Your Honor

Bryan Cranston  returns to the small screen with a jaw-dropping new drama. He plays a New Orleans judge who discovers his son is involved in a hit and run, and he tries to do the honorable thing and turn him in. But when he realises that the father of the victim is the head of a vicious crime family, he realises he needs to protect his son from unimaginable vengeance. Available on NowTV

The One

What if a simple DNA test could determine who you should fall in love with? Irrespective of sexuality, race, age or location, this is the person you are destined to be with, according to scientists in the new Netflix series The One. Set in the very near future, Hannah Ware plays Rebecca, the billionaire scientist and CEO of the company who has discovered this genetic test, MatchDNA. But she is keeping some secrets, including the reasons why her friend and cofounder James suddenly left the organisation. As hopeful as Rebecca is for her discovery, it starts to adversely affect people’s lives, as they question their own relationships and what might be, and she becomes embroiled in a murder investigation.  (And yes, in real life, Hannah has a very famous sister, singer Jessie Ware, and they are incredibly alike.)


Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal

A new documentary looks at the fascinating story of the biggest US college admissions scandal in history on its second anniversary, which saw wealthy and high profile figures attempt to pay their way to a college place for their children, through cheating or pretending that they were elite athletes. Recreated from FBI recordings as part of the real Operation Varsity Blues investigation, this was made by the people behind the Fyre Festival documentary and Tiger King.

Amend: The Fight For America

This series looks at how when the United States of America was founded, the ideals of freedom and equality did not apply to all. By remembering the stories of brave Americans who fought to enshrine those values, through the lens of recent events that drive Black Lives Matter movement, this show is a timely examination of why these crimes and injustices persist.


Coming soon: Line of Duty, series 6

Trainspotting star Kelly McDonald takes the feted guest star position in the new series of cult favourite Line of Duty. The police corruption series picks up where the last series finished off, with the shocking if not implausible revelation about the identity of H. Watch on BBC1 on 21 March at 9pm