Inside the April issue

The brand new issue of Irish Country Magazine is on sale now, and inside you will find features to inspire confidence, broaden your horizons, and more.

Our April issue is in shops now and we have to say we are particularly proud of this one. Our cover star Roz Purcell is inspiring readers to love the skin they’re in, plus we have lots of fashion, travel, food and interiors inspiration to delve into this month.

1. Roz Purcell

Tipperary influencer, food entrepreneur and fitness expert Roz Purcell goes makeup free in our new issue, to inspire women and young girls to be confident in their natural beauty. Take a look behind the scenes of our cover shoot here.

2. Light and shade

Natural tones are in and our fashion shoot styled by Brian Conway and photographed by Kenny Whittle is a masterclass in working each shade.

3. Fascinating features

Could your people-pleasing tendencies be holding you back in work? And what does it feel like to be an intensive care doctor? Or to live with an acquired brain injury? You will find all that and much more inside.

4. Content kids

Keeva Tyrrell writes about building strong self-esteem in children and Aileen Cox Blundell shares handy lunchbox recipes that kids will gobble up.

5. Travel bug

Discover a new perspective of Cork City, plan a perfect trip to Dingle with insider tips from a local, and be inspired to skip the tourist hotspots and visit lesser known parts of Europe in our travel section.

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